Valley Turnpike Museum

Valley Turnpike Museum


Located on South Main Street, the Valley Turnpike Museum is a unique history museum dedicated to the region’s railroads. Its exhibits discuss the history of Harrisonburg and its many settlements, and visitors can learn about the area’s railroads in the 1800s. Visitors are also encouraged to take a tour of the museum’s restored buildings and grounds, which feature artifacts from the era.


For an education and historical overview of the region, visitors can visit the Valley Turnpike Museum, located in the Hardesty-Higgins House Visitor Center. This museum traces the development of US Route 11 from its beginning as a buffalo migration route. The museum also explores the history of small towns along the route. Once a wild buffalo migration route, the Valley Turnpike has become a major transportation route, and visitors can explore the town’s rich history.


Another interesting museum is the Frontier Culture Museum, an outdoor living history exhibit. The exhibits reflect the different ethnic traditions found in the Shenandoah Valley. Visitors can tour carefully reconstructed farm complexes and buildings from Ireland, England, Africa, and Virginia. While there, interpreters demonstrate the processes of farming and cooking during different seasons. The museum also houses a gift shop for local history lovers. In addition to historical exhibits, Valley Turnpike Museum is also home to many community programs and historians who provide information to the public.


The town was founded in 1779 on land owned by Thomas Harrison. In the nineteenth century, the town’s central courthouse square became the model for other towns in the Midwest. A physician, Henry Higgins, built the Hardesty-Higgins House in 1848 and today houses the Valley Turnpike Museum. The museum includes a gift shop and cafe. The museum is open to the public year-round, and admission is free.


The Valley Pike Stagecoach Inn is a historic site that is just 10 miles from Harrisonburg. It features a two-story porch, as well as outbuildings that date back to the era. A number of the outbuildings have been converted to retail shops, which offer gifts, souvenirs, and antiques. Located on Valley Pike, it is a great place to stop and see the history of the Valley Pike.


If you’re visiting Harrisonburg, VA, be sure to try the Heritage Bakery and Cafe. This family-owned bakery has a seasonal menu and offers delicious baked goods. It also offers catering and private event services. The menu is seasonal and varies with the time of year, so visitors can get a taste of local food while visiting the museum. The cafe also hosts holiday tea parties and offers healthy, inexpensive, and delicious items.

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