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Boat trailers, utility trailers, and travel trailers all have the same thing in common and it’s not what you think.

Intermittent use.

Intermittent use leads to dry rot and age decay in trailer tires and is the number one culprit of more towing accidents than anything else.   If the sidewalls of your trailer tires look like these on the right, they are NOT SAFE to drive and need to be replaced before your trailer is safe and road worthy.

Rice Tire serves as a trailer tire store for Maryland, Virginia, Baltimore, Washington DC, and surrounding areas. We stock a wide selection of brand name trailer tires designed to meet your load capacity requirements for safe and reliable performance. We have many tire sizes in stock, and we keep our prices competitive.  We make it easy to pick up replacement tires and get moving again.

Dangerous Dry Rot

Rice Tire Dry rotted tires
Rice tire Big Boat Trailer Tires

What kind of trailer you tow doesn’t matter

Whether you tow a big 10,000 pound boat that has 4 to 6 big trailer tires or a small travel trailer behind your compact car, the effects of decay and dry rot on tires does not discriminate.  All tires are susceptible.

Rice Tire Small travel camper trailer tires

Trailer Tires vs Passenger Tires

Trailer tires aren’t designed like passenger tires for a car or light truck. This is due to the role each type of tire plays; it’s also the reason tire manufacturers recommend you use ST-type tires (special trailer) on trailers. Why are there differences?

Passenger Tires: Designed with traction in mind, so you can turn and stop. These tires also feature flexible sidewalls that play a role in ride comfort.

Trailer Tires: Designed to follow a vehicle; these tires have stiff sidewalls to prevent sway; trailer or ST tires also feature higher load capacity ratings compared to passenger tires since they are expected to carry a heavier amount of weight.

Our trailer tire inventory includes options for utility trailers, boat trailers, horse trailers, camper trailers, travel trailers, and RV trailers.

Rice Tire Utility Trailer Tires

Rice Tire is the #1 place to go for your tire or wheel needs, automobile maintenance, and repairs in the mid-Atlantic region.  We have over a dozen locations throughout Washington DC, Baltimore, Maryland, Virginia, and Pennsylvania. We are in, or near your neighborhood making us your best local tire shop.  Give us a call, we are happy to schedule an appointment to check your vehicle and get you safely back on the road as soon as possible.  Come see us in Cumberland MD, District Heights, MD, Gaithersburg MD, Halethorpe MD, Hagerstown MD, Frederick MD, Winchester VA, Brandy Station VA, Manassas VA, Verona VA, Harrisonburg VA, Ashland VA, and Camp Hill PA.  


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