Stony Run

Stony Run

Stony Run is different than the common park. It is a mainly woody 3 mile forested path that adheres to the contours of the Stony Run creek. Only once in a while is the trail disrupted by roads or open locations.


The straight nature of this park is unique and also the length of the tracks prolong the park throughout fifteen different neighborhoods with various gain access to points from highways, other parks and also yards of a few of the bordering residential properties. This type of access links communities in a way that is uncommon as well as allows for common usage by a lot of people with varying backgrounds.

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As this park is more of a trail than a park, this account is organized a little in different ways than our other accounts.




Stony Run’s north area starts just south of the Gilman School’s athletic fields. There is no genuine access to the north end of the park except by crossing Gilman’s personal property. Rather, the most northern path head lies at Wyndhurst Avenue and Wilmslow Road. At this area, you can park on the street and also head either north or southern.


On the north side of the roadway is a series of shops and workplaces, if you stroll north on Wilmslow Road, you will certainly see a route head that heads north to the Gilman School athletic fields. That is an extremely short woody walk– perhaps 10 minutes up as well as back. It is possibly used much more for students walking to Gilman from neighboring communities than anything else.


On the south side of Wyndhurst Avenue are 2 routes that head south and also work on each side of Stony Run. After a relatively brief distance, the trails merge. This section of the trail is very well preserved, level and is used heavily for pet walkers, joggers and hikers. 


If you take the trails southern for just over 1/2 a mile, the trail will certainly arise from the timbers at W. Cold Spring Lane and also Meadow Lane. This is where the north end of Stony Run Park finishes as well as relocates into what we have randomly called the upper mid-section of Stony Run Park.




The upper mid-section of Stony Run can be accessed at W. Cold Spring Lane and also Meadow Lane to the north and also Ridgemede Road and also Linkwood Road to the south. At the W. Cold Spring Lane and Meadow Lane junction is a small area as well as some verdant shaded areas along with a play ground. This area is described as Linkwood Park.


The Stony Run Trail runs directly through the park and remains to the wooded area to the south where it reappears from the timbers at the Ridgemede Road and also Linkwood Road crossway. Like the north area, this route is well kept, level as well as appropriates for treking or running.




Access to the lower mid-section of Stony Run happens at Ridgemede Road and also Linkwood Road to the north and W. 36th Street as well as Beech Avenue to the south. If you are traveling from the north side of the path to the south, the trail appears to end right at the intersection of Ridgemede Road and Linkwood Road. If you take the sidewalk to the south along Linkwood Road for a short distance, you will certainly see a very wonderful pedestrian bridge simply south of Linkwood Road and also Stoneyford Road. This is where the path chooses back up.

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Although Stony Run’s water looks welcoming, the water quality is extremely inadequate as well as there are a number of indication along the route advising that contact with the water ought to be stayed clear of.


Along the trail you will see several hygienic sewage system manholes. Throughout huge rainstorms, these systems commonly overflow right into Stony Run creating sewage to move straight right into the creek. Although Baltimore City is taking costly and time consuming steps to upgrade its wastewater management, these upgrades are not complete as well as water top quality remains a major problem at Stony Run.




There are a great deal of different trail heads leading on to Stony Run. A lot of these trail heads are established by common use by the various communities that get in touch with Stony Run while a few of them are a lot more main trail heads. Regardless, there is really little signage emphasizing a route head and also no signage consisting of a route map to establish progression or place while on the route.


Of course, if you have a cellular phone handy, Google maps can be practical in this regard by using the satellite or road map feature, yet some minimal signage is called for.




The Friends of Stony Run’s web site indicates that the Friends of Stony Run is a “volunteer-based company that launches stream clean-ups as well as programs to enhance the health and wellness of the stream valley as well as enhance the lifestyle in the surrounding community.” The Friends of Stony Run also has a facebook web page that does have some minimal information. For details about how to volunteer, take a look at this website.

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