Two Wheel Alignment

Two Wheel Alignment at Rice Tire

A wheel, or tire, alignment is a part of regular vehicle maintenance to maintain the angles of the wheels per the manufacturer’s specifications.  These wheel angles can be changed to suit a specific handling requirement. Some sports (race) cars or off-road vehicles may require special adjustments beyond the manufacturer’s specification for performance reasons.  We give a more complete explanation in our Wheel Alignment Overview.  

A two wheel alignment is pretty much what it sounds like. Without getting too deep into the theories of toe-in, toe-out, camber, castor, and other geometry issues, a front-wheel alignment is the adjustment of the two front wheels so that they basically both point in the same direction, perpendicular to the ground and parallel to one another.   

Rice Tire is #1 place to go if you need tire or wheel needs, automobile maintenance, and repairs in the mid-Atlantic region.  We have 11 locations throughout Washington DC, Baltimore, Maryland, and Virginia. We are in, or near your neighborhood making us your best local tire shop.  Give us a call, we are happy to schedule an appointment to check your wheel alignment.

Computerized Wheel Alignment

Car on the Car Steering Wheel Balancer and Calibrate with laser

How can I tell if I need a wheel alignment? 

Here are five telltale signs that the tire alignment of your vehicle may need to be adjusted:

  • Wear on your tires.  We don’t mean normal wear.  We are talking about abnormal.  Do your tires show wear on just the inside of the tire?  Or outside? Is there any scalloping of the tire? What about feathering?  Regular tire rotations with a qualified technician will help you keep your wheels aligned correctly.  They are trained to notice any abnormalities in the tire wear and inform you if you need a wheel alignment.
  • Does your car handle loosely when driving?  Does your car feel like it is wandering on the road or sloppy in the curves?  These are symptoms that you should have your alignment checked.  
  • Does your steering wheel return to the center?  After a turn, your steering wheel should return automatically to the center.  If it does not, there is a good chance your alignment is off, and you should have it checked.  

Have your Car Checked

  • Does your vehicle pull to one side?  When driving down a flat, even road, does your vehicle pull to one side?  We don’t mean that your car should drive straight with your hands off the wheel.  There will be some slight pull due to the design of most roads. Roads have a degree of crowning to help with drainage, so you would get some pull from that.  Your vehicle should still drive straight with minimal effort, with your hands on the wheel. If it is pulling to one side or the other, it is time to have your alignment checked.  
  • Is your steering wheel centered?  Is the emblem on the steering wheel level?  When you are driving down a level road, your steering wheel should be nearly perfectly straight.  If you notice that your steering wheel is off more than a few degrees, it’s time for an alignment check.

Get an Alignment today!

Improper wheel alignment can lead to many driving, and premature wear issues in your vehicle.  The money saved by increasing the life span of your tires is worth the expense of a needed alignment.   

Rice Tire is here to help answer any questions and to schedule an alignment.  We are your full-service stop for tires, tire rotations, and wheel alignments.  Our technicians are trained to look for potential problems and have the experience to fix them.   Rice Tire has 11 locations throughout the mid-Atlantic area. We are in your neighborhood. We are in your city. We are your local tire shop.

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Not only is Rice Tire the largest tire dealer in the area, but we also offer vehicle maintenance services to help keep your vehicle in top running shape.  We have been servicing our client’s vehicles for more than 60 years. We pride ourselves on the relationships we have built over the years. Making us your go-to local tire shop for all your vehicle needs. 


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