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We all know that oil changes are an essential part of regular maintenance on our vehicles.  Our car’s engine consists of many moving parts that need to be adequately lubricated. Regular oil changes in (city) protects the engine from damage and helps it run properly.  Oil will breakdown as it picks up dust, grit, and debris from the road and the engine itself. When the oil starts breaking down, it cannot do its job effectively. The result is a costly repair bill.  Get a quote on an oil and filter change in (city) today!

How often should I change oil? 

It used to be the recommendation that you change your oil every 3,000 miles or every six months.  Whichever comes first. The new standard is every 5,000 miles or six months.  

The best practice is to change your oil per the manufacturer’s recommendations.  Taking into factors such as operating conditions, and how much wear and tear on the vehicle.  

Rice Tire Motor Oil
Rice Tire Engine Oil Filter Cut away

When should I change my oil filter?

The oil filter removes grime and grit from your oil, preventing them from entering the engine.  

You will get many answers to the question “How often should I change my oil filter.”  Some car manufacturers will say to change it every other time you have your oil changed.  While some oil and parts manufacturers will tell you to replace the filter with every oil change.  

The best practice is to follow the oil manufacturer’s suggestion and change your oil with every oil change.  

Regular oil and oil filter change maintenance

  • Increases Vehicle Longevity:  Regular maintenance improves your vehicles life span.  Dirty oil affects the fuel economy and causes the internal parts to work harder and break down sooner.  When the engine has to work too hard, you will have problems down the road.  
  • Maintains Proper Engine Lubrication:  When the oil in your car breaks down, so does its ability to lubricate all the moving parts.  
  • Maintains Cool Engine Components:  When the moving parts do not have the proper lubrication, they create friction. Friction will generate heat.  
  • Gas Mileage:  Dirty oil leads to increased fuel consumption.
  • Engine Wear:  Clean oil reduces dirt and debris that could lead to corrosion in your engine.  A clean engine is a happy engine. 
Rice Tire Valvoline Oil Products

Rice Tire is proud to offer Valvoline oil and filter products.

They’ve been around since 1866 so they have a pretty good track record.  They are also established the first and only dedicated engine lab in the oil industry.  Check out the video below.


Rice Tire Valvoline Oil Filters

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