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Rice-tire Stick shift transmissionDid you know that only 24% of Americans can drive stick shift?  Well if you count yourself among the lucky few who can truly feel at one with car, “rowing through the gears” as they say, then congratulations!  This information was written exactly for you.  As you already know, manual transmissions allow drivers to shift between gears manually while simultaneously regulating power and speed. Manual transmissions have a clutch, flywheel, gear selector fork, collars, gears, and shafts.  A shaft supplies power from the engine to the transmission. The clutch is responsible for connecting and disconnecting the shaft from the transmission. The stick shift controls the gear selector fork by choosing gears. These gears and shafts are responsible for routing power from the engine to the transmission and to the drive wheels. Manual transmission fluid cleans the internal gears, shafts, bearings, and other components. Transmission fluid also helps to regulate the internal temperatures of the transmission. A manual transmission service will ensure that your transmission fluid is clean and the rest of the components are fit for operation.

What many of you may not know however are the warning signs of a possibly failing transmission or clutch.  We cover clutch issue on another page which can be found by clicking this link so we’ll stick to manual transmission issues here.


Common Manual Transmission Warning Signs

If you experience any of the following issues, you should get your car checked for manual transmission problems right away:

  • The clutch feels like it is slipping when you change gears. A burning smell and high engine revving when you release the pedal are both signs that slippage is taking place.
  • The clutch pedal feels odd. While there may be no particular feeling that describes its oddity, it’s simply a good idea to get your vehicle checked when the clutch starts behaving differently.
  • Grinding sounds when the transmission shifts. This can happen when you shift without properly engaging the clutch, so make sure you are shifting normally. If it still grinds or if the clutch goes entirely to the floorboards and it grinds, then you have trouble that needs seeing to.
  • Rice Tire Clutch TransmissionIf the transmission doesn’t get into gear, then you are likely dealing with an issue with hydraulic pressure. That happens when there is a leak connecting the master and slave cylinders.
  • Strange smells in general. Even if the smell is not necessarily a burning smell like you would expect when the clutch is slipping, it could be indicative of other issues. Service is always a good idea when your vehicle’s exhaust scent changes.
  • Delays in the movement are also a big sign of transmission issues. If you feel like your shifting is happening a second or two after it should have clicked in, then your transmission is no longer shifting smoothly.
  • Any odd sounds other than those outlined here should also be checked out.

Why Should You Have Manual Transmission Repair Services Performed at ​Rice Tire?

A manual transmission service is essential for keeping your manual transmission in optimal condition. Because the transmission fluid naturally degrades over time, replacing the fluid is important for keeping gears and shafts moving smoothly. Sometimes leaks occur in the transmission and a reseal may be required. Other times, the clutch will slip or refuse to engage or disengage. Noises are also a sign that something is not working correctly in your vehicle’s transmission. All manual transmission components require maintenance from time to tim

Rice tire Clutch Transmissione. At some point in the life of your transmission, a fluid change will be necessary to keep your manual transmission operating efficiently. Consulting your owner’s manual for service intervals will help in planning for a specific manual transmission service before a breakdown or malfunction occurs. Manual transmission repairs will help extend the life of the transmission and optimize the performance of your vehicle.

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