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When most people hear the term “four wheel drive” (4WD) they immediately think about a lifted pick-up truck with big tires covered in mud.  Well we’re here to tell that while those are very popular and that we service many of them, the term “four wheel drive” has become virtually synonymous with “all wheel drive” (AWD) which is what you’ll find on most suburban house wife SUVs and something completely different!  Both types of drive systems do basically the same thing, they allow a vehicle to supply power to all four of its wheels. Drivers depend on four wheel drive systems to give them better traction on snow, ice, and off-road terrain. Vehicles with 4WD can be full-time or part-time. A part time 4WD system can be engaged and disengaged as desired by the driver and is designed to be used under conditions where poor traction is an issue. Standard full-time AWD systems consistently deliver power to all four wheels, and can be operated while driving on any type of surface. The goal of a 4WD system is to send torque to the wheels to prevent slippage. A four wheel drive system is composed of various parts. These include the differentials, hubs, and the transfer case. A transfer case is responsible for delivering power to both the front and rear axles, while hubs help secure the wheels. To keep a 4WD or AWD vehicle performing as intended, drivers should watch over the different parts of the system and have them routinely inspected during a 4WD or AWD service.


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While it may be confusing…

There is no mistaking the difference between the two type of vehicles but the drive trains these days are blurring the lines.  More and more frequently we’re seeing manufacturers install AWD systems into trucks that look like they should be 4WD.  No need to worry though, we know the difference, it’s our job.

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You Should Have Your Four Wheel Drive or All Wheel Drive Vehicle Inspected at ​Rice Tire?

We understand the importance of having and maintaining an operable 4WD or AWD system. Our staff knows that transfer cases deal with a high amount of heat and friction that often negatively affect the fluid used in the operation of the gears of this component. If the fluid in your transfer case is contaminated, our 4WD or AWD inspection service can help. Our service staff will also inspect or examine the gears, shafts, and hubs on your vehicle. Faulty hubs can prevent a part-time 4WD vehicle from switching between driving modes and an AWD vehicle to stop driving all together.  If you experience any problems engaging or disengaging from a part-time 4WD vehicle, or you suspect the time for a checkup has arrived for your AWD vehicle, give us a visit for a four wheel drive inspection or all wheel drive inspection.

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