Drum Brake Repair

Drum Brake Repair Services at ​Rice Tire

In the brake systems of modern vehicles, drum brakes are used primarily in the rear of the vehicle.  In older vehicles it’s not uncommon to have drum brakes on the front as well.  The introduction of disc brakes has seen the decline in use of drum brakes somewhat because of the superiority of the performance of disc brakes in almost every way.  That’s not say drum brakes don’t perform well, they do.  In extreme applications however there are some drawbacks.  In everyday regular use however, they are an example of ingenious engineering and an enduring design that functions incredible well considering they were first invented and introduced on automobiles over 120 years ago!   Watch the video on drum vs. disc to see more details.

The biggest difference between the drum and disc brakes however is in the methodology used to slow a vehicle.

  • A disc brake system uses pads to pinch a disc attached to the wheel.  This induces friction, slowing the vehicle.
  • A drum brake system uses TWO half moon shaped pads that expand inside of a “drum” that’s attached to the wheel.  This expansion pressing on the inside of drum causes the friction that slows the vehicle.

Drum Brake Assembly

Rice Tire Drum Brake Shoe Installation
Drum Brake Shoe assembly with drum removed.

Disc vs. Drum

Rice Tire Disc vs Drum Brakes Diagram

How can I tell if my drum brakes need repair?

  • If you hear a squealing or squeaking sound
  • If you feel “grinding” when you apply the brakes
  • If smell something odd when you apply your brakes for prolonged periods
  • If you feel vibrations coming through the steering wheel or brake pedal when you apply the brakes
  • If you notice it takes you longer to stop than it did before
  • If you see a warning lights on the dashboard indicating your brakes need service

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Why Should You Have Drum Brake Repair Services Performed at ​Rice Tire?

Because diagnosing and identifying problems in the drum brake system requires experience.  They provide your vehicle’s stopping power, they tend to wear out a little less quickly than front brakes so sometimes other shops will miss them in the inspection.  When deciding whether or not to schedule a  brake repair service, there are some symptoms to consider. Squealing noises from the front brakes point to worn brake pads, while grinding noises are a sure sign that your rotors or rear drums need servicing. If your brake pedal shakes when engaged, this may also be a sign of bad rotors or warped drums. A vehicle that pulls to one side when braking indicates a bad caliper or uneven brake pad wear, which can result from uneven distribution of pressure in the brake lines. Besides incurring additional repair costs, leaving symptoms of an impending front disc brake repair untreated can lead to serious, stressful situations for both yourself and other drivers on the road.

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