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Rice Tire Belts and Hoses Service

Belts and hoses are throughout the car.  The hoses are there to carry all kinds of fluids including brake, coolant, and oil.  These hoses are exposed to high engine temps and can certainly break down over time. Keeping your hoses and belts in tip-top condition will keep your car running smoothly and be less costly than if they were to break.  A broken hose can lead to an overheated engine, no oil or transmission fluid, all of which could mean death to the car. When you bring your car in for a simple oil change, have us take a look at the rest of the car. We offer vehicle inspections as well that can give you a good overall of your car’s condition and what maintenance you might need.

Rice Tire works with all makes and models of cars.  Our goal is to keep our client’s cars on the roads for years to come.  And, replacement of the belts and hoses is certainly an important part of that.  The serpentine belt is what powers many components within the engine. If it breaks it can break any of those other components.  We can take a look at the belt and see what kind of wear you have. After all, the belt is out in the open so it’s easily checked.  And, it doesn’t require any engine tear down. This simple check could save you from being stranded on the side of the highway.  

Avoid Car Break Downs where ever you travel.

Nobody likes their car to break down.  A break down always happens at the most inconvenient time.  That’s why we offer vehicle inspections as well as routine maintenance services.  This allows us to help prevent some of those break downs from occurring with proper car maintenance.  This doesn’t mean that we will stop all car break downs, as that’s just something, unfortunately, that life throws at us.  But, having good tires on the car, belts in good condition and a newer battery and alternator helps. Getting your car routinely checked out and doing what needs to be done instead of putting it off will also stop some unnecessary car break downs too.  

Belts and hoses are not an expensive fix when done before they break.  They are typically easy to get at and are a common fix as well. Doing it before they break and not after is key to keeping the costs down and minimal damage to the vehicle. We are happy to go over your car or truck to ensure that all your hoses and belts are in great condition and ready to go.   Working with our clients that have older as well as newer vehicles is what we do best. We want to ensure that what you are driving is safe as well as well maintained.  


Rice tire worn out hoses

Get your hoses fixed if they look like this!



Need new tires?  Of course, we have a great tire selection as well.  We know tires like the back of our hands and can help you choose a set that is perfect for your driving style.  If you are looking for off-road tires, highway tires or tires that just get you where you need to be in the snow, we can help.  Our selection of tires is vast as our client’s requests. Many of our tires are in stock and ready to be mounted.


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