Automatic Transmission Repair

Automatic Transmission Repair with Rice Tire

Rice Tire automatic transmissionWhat does the transmission do?  The main job of the transmission is to make sure that the wheels have adequate power so the car can travel at a specific speed. 

In the case of an automatic transmission, it has gears that will shift up or down telling the care to go faster or slower. You can say the transmission is vital to getting from point A to point B.   Maintaining the transmission is a very important part to keep your car running smoothly and it is also a way to help prevent costly repairs.  

Sometimes, we still find our car may have transmission issues.  These repairs are often costly, so it is important to look for the signs to spot an early issue.  

It can be hard to diagnose these signs yourself.  If you think you have transmission issues give Rice Tire a call to schedule an appointment.  We can look and see what the issue is and make sure that if your transmission does need to be repaired, that you’re getting the right repair.  

Noises are good indicators that there are mechanical problems with your car’s transmission.   Here is a list of things to be on the lookout for. 

  • Does your car refuse to go into gear?  A car that will not go into gear is a good indicator that you have an issue with your transmission.
  • Does your car go into gear, but it slips?  
  • Do you feel your car grinding or shaking?  If you have a manual transmission and notice that the grinding when you go to shift into a new gear it could be the clutch.  This could mean it simply needs to adjusted or replaced. Grinding can also mean a bigger issue with your transmission gears. In an automatic car if your car feels like it shimmies into gear or that it jars into the next gear you may need adjustments or repairs. 
  • Smell.  If you smell burning transmission fluid, your transmission may be overheating.  The transmission fluid keeps the transmission parts moving correctly. It provides cooling as well to keeping the transmission from burning up.  

Additional signs of Transmission wear:

  • Is your transmission noisy while in neutral?  It could be something as simple as needing to add or replace the transmission fluid.  However, noises while your car is in neutral, can also mean that there is wear of the mechanical components.  It could be worn bearings, gear teeth or maybe even a worn reverse idler gear. All are signs that you should take your car in and have it looked at. 
  • Do you have a manual transmission and when you go to shift gears and cannot?  Is there a grinding noise every time you try to shift? It’s because the clutch is still engaged and spinning along with the engine.
  • Do you notice leaking transmission fluid?  That is an easy indicator that you need to have your transmission checked.  Remember transmission fluid is vital to the transmission working. It is important to check it regularly.   In an automatic car, the fluid is a clear, bright red color. And it will smell a little sweet. If it is dark in color or smells burnt you need to take your car in to get it looked at.  If you have a manual transmission, you will need to check it directly at the transmission case.  

Why Should You Have Automatic Transmission Repair Services Performed at ​Rice Tire?

An automatic transmission service is designed to prevent unexpected failure and to keep your transmission functioning optimally. A few things that can lead to an automatic transmission service include towing heavy loads and insufficient levels of transmission fluid. Checking transmission fluid levels is important for keeping all internal gears and components clean and lubricated. Grinding noises and leaking will alert you to potential problems early. If you notice a burnt smell emanating from your vehicle’s transmission, there may be a problem with your transmission’s ability to retain fluid. A lack of routine maintenance can contribute to automatic transmission trouble. Replacing a transmission can be expensive, so staying on top of automatic transmission repairs and basic maintenance is important for maximizing the life of your transmission.


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