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Why changing your vehicle’s air filters is super important.

To our automotive technicians, preventative maintenance like changing your car’s air filter is just second nature but, techs in the service bays quickly learn that for vehicle owners reluctant to bring in their vehicles at regular intervals, the smallest maintenance items can become the biggest problems.   See what happens when you don’t change your oil for 50,000 miles!

Normally, air filters sit quietly, extracting dirt from the air before it enters your car’s engine and cabin.  Changing your car’s air filters at regular intervals is one of the simplest things to do.

In the following post, we looked at the effects of forgetting to change your air filter and  what performance gains you may have missed because of it?


Rice tire Engine Air filter

Engine Air Filter

Your car’s air filter is a key part of your engine’s respiratory system and is responsible for cleaning the air as it enters into the engine compartment.   The more you drive, the more clogged the filter becomes.  A clean filter will last between 15,000 and 30,000 miles depending on where you drive.  Vehicle owners are encouraged to check their owner’s manual and follow the manufacturer’s recommended guidelines.

What Happens When You Don’t Change Your Car’s Air Filter?

If you go prolonged periods without changing your filter, it clogs up and begins to act less like a filter and more like a blocked airway.  Here’s what happens:

  • Your engine works harder to get enough clean air into the engine.
  • Because of the engine’s suffocating state, a dirty air filter can also cause it to consume more fuel than it would with a clean one, causing a reduction in overall fuel efficiency.
  • If your filter is saturated with dirt, you may experience a lack of power under hard acceleration.

Think of it like this, running your car with a dirty air filter is the same as running down the street breathing through a drinking straw.

Get your filter changed often, your engine will thank you.

Rice Tire Smelly Cabin air

Smelly or musty cabin air?

If your car smells like the one on the left and you want it to smell like the one on the right, keep reading.


Rice Tire fresh air cabin

Changing your cabin Air filter

Changing your cabin air filter can have a huge impact on the quality of the air inside your car.  If your car smells musty, smells foul, or your allergies act up every time you get behind the wheel, it’s a good indication that you need to change your cabin air filter.  For people that suffer from pollen allergies, it’s a great idea to change them at least once per year, right after hay fever season.   HEPA style filter can also have a significant positive impact on the quality of air as well further alleviating allergies and foul odors.

Rice Tire Cabin air filter

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