OTR Tires

Why Buy Off-The-Road Tires from Rice Tire?


When you need tires capable of riding over rough terrain and rugged landscapes, come to Rice Tire for our supply of off-the-road tires. Our team looks forward to meeting you and equipping you with the best OTR tires for your vehicle and type of work. When you’re in Maryland, Virginia, Washington, DC, contact your nearest location to meet your OTR needs.


We house a quality collection of OTR tires for our customers. Whether you operate an earth moving machine or other heavy equipment, we can help you out with your off-the-road tire needs. Simply stop in and let our team know what you’re driving and what type of environment you’re driving through and we’ll find the off-the-road tires that fit your needs.

We look forward to taking the lead on your search for OTR tires and hope to meet with you soon. Give us a call or visit and get your heavy equipment moving again.

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