Commercial Services

Rice Tire is available for your commercial service needs at 11 locations throughout Maryland, Virginia, the DC Metro, and surrounding areas.

At 11 locations throughout Maryland,Virginia, and Washington DC, we can handle all of your fleet maintenance and repairs. Whether you operate a small fleet or a large one, we make tire management easy.

Our staff includes ASE-certified technicians with the knowledge to handle your smallest and biggest challenges with the efficiency and professionalism you expect.

Commercial Services

  • Truck Alignments
  • Computer Diagnostics
  • Suspension work & rebuild
  • Wheel Refurbishing
  • Wheel Balancing & Road Force Match Balancing
  • Brake Repair
  • Lube & Oil Change Services
  • Flat Proofing Tires

For more information on any service, scroll down or contact us today. We serve: Brandy Station, VA, Cumberland, MD, District Heights, MD, Frederick, MD, Gaithersburg, MD, Hagerstown, MD, Halethorpe, MD, Harrisonburg, VA, Manassas, VA, Verona, VA, Winchester, VA, and surrounding areas.

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Reduce operation costs when you fix the alignment problems in your fleet. A vehicle in proper alignment creates less friction, netting better fuel economy and longer tire life. In contrast, tires out of alignment drag on the road, increasing the rate of wear and potentially causing the vehicle to pull to the left or right when it should drive straight. During a commercial alignment service, our technicians use special equipment to check that all tires point straight and are parallel with one-another.

Computer Diagnostics

Don’t wait for downtime when there’s a problem with one of you fleet vehicles. Find out what’s wrong and make an informed decision with a computer diagnostic. The individual components and complete systems in any vehicle rely on others for correct operation. Fixing a problem early can prevent a bigger problem in the future.

Suspension Work & Rebuild

Rice Tire specializes in suspension services, including rebuilding. From air springs and equalizers to hangers and shocks, our technicians make sure your fleet is riding as it should. Contact your nearest location for more information.

Wheel Refurbishing

Extend the life of your heavy-duty wheels and create a positive representation of your business with commercial rims that look great and won’t hide damage. The refurbishing process restores your commercial wheels to like-new condition.

Wheel Balancing & Road Force Match Balancing

Fix imbalances between the tire and wheel assembly to alleviate vibrations and stop uneven tire wear caused by weight differences. A wheel balance results in greater handling and longer lasting tires, which is good for your drivers and your budget. It’s recommended that you balance tires and wheels on any trucks after the installation of new tires, a tire repair, or the replacement of a single tire. If vibrations are present at over 40 miles per hour, you may also have an imbalance.

Road force balancing simulates the up and down motion of the tire in use to detect problems with increased accuracy.

Brake Repair

If you notice a decrease in stopping power or experience problems with stepping down on the brake pedal, stop by your nearest Rice Tire. Our technicians can provide your vehicle with a full brake inspection and perform any brake service you may require.

Lube & Oil Change Services

Time to change the motor oil and other essential fluids? Stop over for a quick lube and oil change.

Flat Proofing

Are flat tires cutting into your revenue? Ask how you can save money by flat proofing your commercial tires. Flat proof tires are filled with a special foam that makes puncture concerns a thing of the past. Flat proofing is a great solution for OTR tires.