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Chuck Wilson
Chuck W.
20:21 16 Mar 20
Awesome place to work!!!!! All your tire needs and Mechanical work also commercial vehicles, cars light truck!
Tony Washington
Tony W.
13:33 16 Mar 20
Great prompt service
Joseph Ovsenik
Joseph O.
23:47 08 Mar 20
Can always depend on them to get the job done right at a fair price.
LoveTo WinBig
LoveTo W.
22:46 07 Mar 20
These guys are the best in the area , upfront and honest .
Two Stefanos
Two S.
18:59 04 Mar 20
Wonderful place % Great customer service
Jessica Tisdale
Jessica T.
22:51 02 Mar 20
Great Accurate Service
absar king
absar K.
21:48 02 Mar 20
I would recommend this tire shop. Fair prices and friendly staff.
Kenneth Bannister
Kenneth B.
20:17 02 Mar 20
This place is amazing the stuff was knowledgable and the service and the price was better than I expected. I will be coming back in the future.
Chicken Jake
Chicken J.
20:09 21 Feb 20
Prompt, courteous, friendly staff, need a bigger parking lot
Edwin Silva
Edwin S.
17:00 21 Feb 20
Great people, great place.
Jennifer Penner
Jennifer P.
19:04 20 Feb 20
Very professional and speedy
Clayton Ryder
Clayton R.
17:03 18 Feb 20
They got my vehicle and fixed my problem quickly.
Jerry Robinson
Jerry R.
14:51 17 Feb 20
Great service, super helpful and friendly employess! Fantastic prices!
Tonya Kesner
Tonya K.
22:34 07 Feb 20
Quick Excellent Service, Great Price
Warren Imes
Warren I.
20:28 07 Feb 20
prtrfriendly and quality service definitely recommended
Sharon A
Sharon A
22:58 05 Feb 20
Nice & friendly staff. Completed the work I needed in a timely matter. They did forget to put 1 tire valve cap back on, but when I brought it to their attention they found it & put it on. I would recommend them & will go back.
Stepan Kazakov
Stepan K.
18:00 31 Jan 20
I used them to replace my tires old truck.Just 40 minutes and I left the place. 5 stars
Michael Campbell
Michael C.
15:45 29 Jan 20
Fast and friendly recommend to anyone
Brittney F.
Brittney F.
09:44 29 Jan 20
My low tire pressure light came on and I thought it was just from cold weather. The next day my co-worker spotted a hex-head screw in my front driver side...
John Matthews
John M.
23:39 16 Jan 20
This is a professionally run tire shop. The manager, Jim Hoover, is 'TOP NOTCH.' The staff is polite, pleasant, easy to work with and honest. They keep their appointments and do a good job. Hard to find good people in this industry these days but these guys are very good.
Adam Salisbury
Adam S.
23:21 16 Jan 20
Honest people, quick quality work.... I had a gash in my sidewall and a nail in my tire that i picked up from Road Debris i was lucky to be able to get in so quickly before I lost my tire completely.
Doug Shillingburg
Doug S.
21:34 13 Jan 20
JR fixed me right up. New upper and lower ball joints, front end alignment and 6× 22.5 traction tires. Great place!
Anthony Booth
Anthony B.
16:47 11 Jan 20
Quick mounting and a solid alignment...but I'm trying to take my wheels back off for the first time and Ive broken 2 breaker bars on one wheel....you only need 90 ft-lbs, anything more is just destroying the mounting face behind the lugs.
Donald Borkoski
Donald B.
04:21 07 Jan 20
I went to Rice Tire , to get my two tire repair and waited 45 minutes to 1 hour . Good service and friendly ! I would go back again .
Tim Thompson
Tim T.
20:41 02 Jan 20
Excellent service. Professional,honest, and friendly staff. I have taken my cars to Rice tire for several years. Always a good experience! Highly recommended!
Melissia Stanley
Melissia S.
19:45 02 Jan 20
Definitely recommend Rice!!! Always willing to help, good prices and you can trust them to take care of your vehicle!!!
Grigorii SCARLAT
Grigorii S.
02:38 21 Dec 19
This guys helped us. Driver came with one bolt on Turbo, nearly staying. They tight it with some bolts so the driver could get home. Thanks guys
Larry's Tech Notes Bryant
Larry's Tech Notes B.
13:23 19 Dec 19
Exceptional people to deal with. Friendly, fair pricing, knowledgeable, good after-sale support. They care about their customers. Like doing business with folks in the old days. Highly recommend them.
Brian Hulse
Brian H.
14:45 08 Dec 19
Best service best prices professional work sales counter is very experienced
John Koch
John K.
23:07 04 Dec 19
Waiting to receive service tomorrow but so far very efficent.
Jerry Gilmer
Jerry G.
15:44 03 Dec 19
Fixed all my mechanical problems ! THANKS !
Gary Terry
Gary T.
00:30 03 Dec 19
Great service and good service. Staff was very helpful.
Gary Huffman
Gary H.
17:19 30 Nov 19
Fair prices and quality tires
Alexander Escarzaga
Alexander E.
19:34 20 Nov 19
Great service at a reasonable price.
Susan Ogilvie
Susan O.
00:30 17 Nov 19
Great service, great mechanics and fair prices.
Dave Myers
Dave M.
03:18 15 Nov 19
Fast, fair, and puppy friendly
Darin Sweitzer
Darin S.
16:18 12 Nov 19
Andy always takes care of me, in and out in an hour with 4 new mounted and balanced rubber to go
Srinivas P.
Srinivas P.
09:29 12 Nov 19
Ok. This has been on my mind for a long time. I told myself that for every one complaint I make, I will make sure that good service gets recognized...
Rocco Christoff
Rocco C.
19:29 01 Nov 19
Very impressed. Great work.
Greg Sanders
Greg S.
21:21 26 Oct 19
good tires for right prices, never had a problem