National Electronics Museum

National Electronics Museum


If you’ve ever wanted to learn more about the history of the electronics industry, the National Electronics Museum-Heights MD is the place to go. It is located at 1745 W Nursery Rd, Linthicum Heights, MD 21090.  Designed to teach students, engineers, and non-technical visitors alike, this museum offers a unique perspective on the defense electronics industry. There are many things to see and do at the National Electronics Museum-Heights MD, but the highlight of the experience is definitely the interactive exhibits and live performances.

Visitors will find a variety of exhibits at the National Electronics Museum-Heights, one mile east of SR 295 on Route 50. Exhibits range from early electronic devices to satellites and the human battery. Visitors can also find a research library, which focuses on every aspect of electronics history. The museum is open Monday through Friday, 9AM to 4PM, and on weekends, 10AM to 2PM. It is also possible to book a guided tour, but be aware that tours are limited to one hour, and that it’s best to make an appointment before heading out.

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The National Electronics Museum-Heights MD is a fantastic choice for a day trip from the BWI airport. This museum features hands-on exhibits and is well worth the small price. You can even join a local amateur radio club and become a member of W3HEM. The museum is also an excellent venue for parties, lunches, and dinners. The museum can accommodate groups of up to 20 people.

In 1980, Westinghouse decided to support the National Electronics Museum by providing financial assistance and storage space. The museum opened in a nondescript building near BWI. The museum was initially staffed by volunteers until 1989. After the museum was purchased by Northrop Grumman, it was able to hire full-time staff members. In 1992, the museum was moved to a new building in the city known as Friendship Square. Northrop Grumman purchased Westinghouse and provided support for the museum’s relocation.

The Historical Electronics Museum features a diverse collection of communication devices. Its Early Radar Gallery includes a World War II SCR-270 unit. The Cold War Radar Gallery features countermeasures such as jammers, receivers, and transmitters. The museum also features an outside gallery where six historic radar antennas span 75 years of development. These exhibits are sure to inspire and educate, and you can even try out new radio technology.

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