Monocacy National Battlefield

Monocacy National Battlefield

If you have never visited Monocacy National Battlefield Frederick MD, now is the time to go.It is located at 5201 Urbana Pike, Frederick, MD 21704. The National Park Service has been responsible for maintaining the battlefield’s integrity and has even acquired the Araby Farm for archeological excavations. You can tour the battlefield, take audio tours, and even visit the sites of other battles. The battlefield features a trail that runs through the wetlands. While visiting the battlefield, don’t miss the opportunity to see painted turtles!

The area around the Monocacy River is a prime Civil War battleground. This site was once part of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, and three miles south of Frederick. This Bloody River battle ultimately determined the fate of the nation’s capital. The Confederate army’s strategic defeat at this battle site sparked a bloody conflict among the lower ranks of the military. Although the Battle of Monocacy was a close call, it was important for the Union army to hold Frederick. More…

The Battle of Monocacy was an important moment in American history. The Confederates’ successful capture of the nation’s capital was delayed by the battle. It also affected summer politicking and weakened the Union grip on Robert E. Lee’s army in Petersburg and Richmond. The battle’s importance was far beyond its territorial scope and size. Thousands of visitors flocked to the site to view these important battles.

Resources Management and Maintenance Individual Placement – In this position, you will work with the Natural Resource Management and Volunteer Services division of the Monocacy National Battlefield. You will assist the park in various projects such as exotic plant management, landscaping, and more. The internship will also require you to use various tools, including chainsaws, backpack herbicide sprayers, and other equipment. You’ll be working under the supervision of the Division Chief, Park Ranger Jana Friesen McCabe.

Monocacy NB contains five monuments, including the Maryland Monocacy Centennial Monument. Another monument, the 10th Vermont Monument, was dedicated in 1915. This monument is owned by the State of Vermont and is currently being transferred to the National Park Service. You can conduct research in related legislation, committee reports, and contemporary periodicals about the monument. While visiting Monocacy National Battlefield, be sure to stop by the Museum of American Military History, located in a former cannery warehouse. It is also home to two Medal of Honor recipients.

If you enjoy history, you’ll want to consider taking an internship at the Monocacy National Battlefield. You can volunteer in a variety of areas of the park, including visitor services. For instance, you can help run the Brawner Farm Interpretive Center, where interns give tours. These internships will give you a chance to experience front-line operations, research, and interpretation. Your job will likely involve some house tours, front-line operations, and education.

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