Marine Barracks

Marine Barracks 


The Marine Corps has a unique tradition: it holds the largest annual sunset parade in the world. The Marine Barracks Washington, DC, is home to many nationally recognized units, including the Silent Drill Platoon, Marine Drum and Bugle Corps, Marine Band, and official Marine Corps Body Bearers and Color Guard. It is located at 8th St SE, Washington, DC 20390. Marines are selected individually to serve in this prestigious unit. The barracks also serve as the official residence of the Commandants, which is a registered national historic landmark.

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In addition to hosting ceremonies, the Marine Barracks in Washington, DC, is also home to an evening parade and concert. The event tells the story of Marines throughout the world, including their role in the establishment of the United States government. The Marine Corps Color Guard, Silent Drill Platoon, and Ceremonial Marchers are featured in the evening parade, which is held every Friday beginning May 1 and continuing through August 28, 2015.

President John F. Kennedy, right, salutes General David M. Shoup from the Commandant’s House at Marine Barracks Washington DC. The unidentified Marines flanking the doorway are also not named. The commandant’s speech delivered the annual Marine Corps posture statement, stating that the Marines had been training harder than ever and were following a chartered course. The Commandant’s address is one of the most widely read speeches in the military.

In August 2006, President Bush ordered the first mobilization of the U.S. military reserves in 20 years. The call-up was essential to the mission of the U.S. military, and most of the reservists were Army reservists. Awarded in 1989 by the Marine Corps Historical Foundation, the General Roy S. Geiger Award honors an article about Marine aviation published in the Marine Corps Gazette. The article by Major John B. Saxman titled “The Role of Marine Aviation in Maneuver Warfare” was written by Major John B. Saxman, a former Marine.

A memorial to the men and women who fought for the United States during World War II is located at Marine Barracks Washington, DC. The statue was dedicated to honor all Marines on Iwo Jima and commemorates the 179th anniversary of the United States Marine Corps. It includes gold letters around the polished black granite base. It features dates and locations of major actions. For many years, the statue grew in popularity.

While the Association is not an official branch of the Marine Corps, it has grown together over the years. For nearly 60 years, the Marine Corps controlled the MCA, but in the 1970s, the Pentagon ordered it to become a separate entity. For many years, governing board meetings were held in the commandant’s office, where Marine Commandants wanted to find out which members of the Association were delinquent or non-members.

While the National Naval History Museum is not located at Marine Barracks, it is located at the nearby Washington Navy Yard. The museum offers displays of Navy ships, submarines, and various wars. Visitors can also learn about the life of the famous polar explorer, Admiral Richard Byrd. Other exhibits include a selection of clothing and weapons from the era, including the clothing worn by those of the U.S. Navy.

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