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Winchester, VA

131 Musket Drive
Winchester, VA 22602

  (540) 869-2800


Rice Tire Winchester VA

Winchester Virginia and Rice Tire, a perfect match

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Once known as the shuttlecock of the American Confederacy, Winchester Virginia changed from Union control to Confederate control over 70 times during the war between the states.

Home to Rice Tire and Founded in 1752, almost 3 decades before the signing of the declaration of Independence, Winchester was the fourth city to get a charter in the state of Virginia making it one of the pillars of early American society and later, a stronghold of historic events. You can find much more at Encyclopedia Virginia with a detail that brings the entire era to life.

Modern day Winchester however is a far cry from the war torn Shenandoah Valley strategic chess piece that it once was. Today, it’s a beautiful and vibrant city that’s peaceful and welcoming and built around the old vestiges of its historic self.

Old Town Winchester is a centerpiece for shopping, dining, various city attractions and entertainment. As the city’s gathering place for residents and visitors alike the 250 year old architecture or downtown Winchester is something special that’s on full display in the walking mall. Live music, street artists, shopping, food, and fun for all ages are all things you’ll find here.

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With tons of things to do, there are a few things not to be missed when visiting or just spending the day. The Shenandoah Spirits Trailconnects the local wineries, craft breweries, distilleries, and our personal favorite the Cideries (or cider houses). For beer and ale lovers, some of the award winning craft brewers like Winchester Brew works offer their spin on century’s old local favorites infused with the local flavors of peaches and apricots. On the sweeter side but certainly no tamer, Winchester Ciderworks produces hard ciders with names like “Malice” and Va-Ginga”. The amazing libations that have historical reference to the area of hundreds of years are a fantastic testament to the city and it’s story.

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As part of the Winchester Story, Rice Tire is proud to call Winchester home to one its finest stores. The people, the place, and the surroundings are all part of the fabric of who we are. Our commitment to the people of the Winchester and the Shenandoah Valley is unrivaled. Having been in business for over 62 years, like Winchester itself we’ve been around long enough to see many competitors come and go but it’s the loyalty and relationships created with our customers that keep us here and keeps us thriving.

Our store can be reached at (540) 869-2800 and is located at 131 Musket Drive Winchester, VA 22602. We’re within walking distance of the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles so many of our clients “catch-2-birds-with-one stone” by taking care of any paperwork they may have been waiting on with the DMV, while they are waiting on new tires or other automotive maintenance needs at the shop.

For your convenience we’ve included walking directions here:

We’re open Monday through Friday from 7:00AM to 5PM and closed on weekends. Our phone number is (540) 869-2800. We are the premier Tire Shop in the area and offer everything from tires to full-service auto maintenance like:

  • Tire Shops
  • Mechanic
  • Car Repair and Maintenance
  • Auto Repair Shop
  • Truck Repair Shop
  • Brake shop
  • Oil Change Service
  • Vehicle Inspection
  • Wheel Alignment Service

Rice Tires is devoted to providing our customers with the best place to buy tires by making the buying experience the best it can possibly be no matter which of our 10 stores you visit. Come by today.

We look forward to serving you and thanks for checking in.

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William Dodd
William D.
15:26 14 Sep 19
Good price good service helpful
Crissie Kelley
Crissie K.
22:08 09 Sep 19
Mike the Shop Coordinator is amazing!!! Gave me rides to and from even the store when my truck was broken down. God bless him and the staff who are ALLL PROFESSIONAL AND KNOWLEDGEABLE!!! GREAT JOB MIKE EVERY TIME!!!
Wesley Meeks
Wesley M.
13:03 05 Aug 19
Friendly people fair prices and good tires
Alan Vaughan
Alan V.
21:56 02 Aug 19
Absolutely great customer service very nice group of people got me in and out less than an hour and didn't break my bank account will definitely keep doing business with them
benjamin cotton
benjamin C.
14:13 20 Jun 19
Great customer service. I needed a truck tire for a semi and found some retreads for a decent price in and out in a jiffy
Ramesh Manni
Ramesh M.
22:58 01 Jun 19
Got my tires done here. Happy with the service provided by them
Larry Fristoe
Larry F.
13:19 08 May 19
Great service, fast and friendly people.
Joanne Fredericks
Joanne F.
15:15 01 May 19
Helped us when we needed it the most.
Brenda Triplett
Brenda T.
17:39 17 Apr 19
I was very please. Employees were very pleasant and helpful. Glad I went there!
Michelle Roberts
Michelle R.
20:39 22 Feb 19
Replaced two of my tires under warranty without any hassle. Had to order them, but got everything taken care of same day so I wouldn't have to worry about it over the weekend.
Casey Foster
Casey F.
03:30 09 Feb 19
Gerdan from Manassas rice tire, absolute most professional , fastest I ever seen a commercial box truck tire replace. Literally Showed up within hour of calling them and process took less than 10 mins. Highly recommended. Gerdan is the F###in man!
Katie Ellis
Katie E.
19:21 18 Jan 19
***PLEASE READ***I will never use another company for tires after visiting Rice Tire in Manassas. Yesterday at 3pm, I stopped for gas and noticed that my tires looked really low. I remembered that they have looked low for a while, so I stopped for air. When I checked the tire pressure, both of my front tires were at 20 psi (supposed to be 32). I did some googling and found out that it can be very dangerous to refill tires that have run low for a while, since it can damage the inside of the tire and cause a blowout. I had a long trip the next day, so I stopped by Rice tire hoping to have an expert take a look. I was fully prepared to buy new tires and expected mine to be damaged. I would have been extremely easy to scam. I was a young girl in my 20s, alone. I walked in and told the guy at the front desk that a) I know nothing about tires b) I think they might be damaged, and c) I think I might need new tires. Even though it was close to closing time, he told me they could squeeze in a quick inspection to let me know if my tires were safe. It would have been extremely easy for them to sell me new tires, even if I didn’t need them. However, they told me that my tires looked fine, set them to the proper psi, and sent me on my way. I have never experienced such great customer service and honesty from an automotive company. I highly recommend this place, and will be taking my car back to them the minute I need new tires.
Chuck Wilson
Chuck W.
18:48 09 Jan 19
Great place to work and to get tires and mechanical work done
Sam Mccall
Sam M.
22:59 23 Dec 18
Great selection of tires
Jay sand
Jay S.
20:15 27 Nov 18
I give a 5 star rate for the service fast and reliable caught a flat on my dually truck while hauling a load.. Called at 7am and had me in and out by 9am thanks for ur service... Jonathan Saunders will recommend them for all service
14:16 27 Nov 18
Enjoy working with Rice Tire! They are great for personal and/or fleet accounts.