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Brandy Station, VA

15290 Rosson Troilo Circle
Brandy Station, VA 22714

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Rice Tire Brandy Station VA

Brandy Station and Rice Tire

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Located in the Shenandoah Valley the small physical size of Brandy Station belies its significance and prominence in American history. The Battle of Brandy Station during the Civil War was the largest horse mounted Calvary battle of the war and the largest Calvary battle ever fought on the North American continent. The Battle of Brandy Station was a precursor to the Civil War’s most famous battle, Gettysburg and was as some might say “the lynch pin” that unlocked the Union victory at Gettysburg and eventually the war.

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Today’s Brandy Station is a much different place then when 20,000 mounted troops battled to gain control over this small patch earth. As one of the homes of Rice Tire, knowing the people of brandy station and the pride they have in their place in history makes this city unique. Their tenacity to survive such turbulent times a testament to their fortitude and you can see it everywhere you go.

Amazing microbreweries like Far Gohn Brewing Company and Beer Hound Brewery are a great way to quench your thirst after touring the Brandy Station Battlefields. Or take a stroll over to Graffiti House which is One of the only remaining structures to be left standing after the war, Graffiti House was a Civil War hospital were soldiers wrote poems and drew pictures on the inside walls, thus becoming a monument to the soldiers who fought battles here.

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Here’s turn by turn directions to Graffiti House from our Brandy Station Tire Shop located at 15290 Rosson Troilo Circle, Brandy Station VA 22714.

After a deep dive into American Civil War history you can take a break at the Moving Meadows Farm who’s ranked 5-Stars on Trip Advisoras the rated as the Best Bakery in the area and Amazing Cinnamon Rolls. If you’re in the mood for a bit more of an adult beverage though, Old House Vineyards just down the road has award-winning wines that are sure to fit the bill. Brandy Station with its downtown revival and strong sense of history is a wonderful place to visit or call home. Numerous gift, specialty stores, and eateries can be found walking the historic downtown district assuring that there’s plenty to buy, see, and do. A quaint town with wonderful people and a beautiful atmosphere in this revival downtown area is a must see for everyone.

Voted in 2017 and 2018 by the Culpepper Times as The Best Place to Buy Tires” we take that title very seriously and strive to make every one of our customers visit to our store personal, memorable, and efficient.

We’re open Monday through Friday from 7:30AM to 5PM, 7:30 to 12 noon on Saturday, and closed on Sunday. Our phone number is (540) 825-3722. We are the premier Tire Shop in the area and offer everything from tires to full-service auto maintenance like:

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Rice Tires is devoted to providing our customers with the best place to buy tires by making the buying experience the best it can possibly be no matter which of our 10 stores you visit. Come by today.

We look forward to serving you and thanks for checking in.

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Norman M.
Norman M.
Great place if not the only place I could find in the Culpeper-Warrenton area to put new tractor tires on my Massey-Ferguson subcompact tractor. They filled the new rear tires with weight and had all four tires fixed within a day. I highly recommend them. Friendly front desk staff and mechanics and lots of parking. No hassles with finding room to park and unload a trailer.
Cliff H.
Cliff H.
Appointment was on time. Service was quick an excellent.
Treated very well Tires arrived quickly and service completed in a very timely manner. Warm and welcoming.
Soheila G.
Soheila G.
Extremely helpful facility. Great prices and warm staff.
Bill H.
Bill H.
Very professional and friendly environment.
Jerry S.
Jerry S.
Rice tire in brandy station very friendAnd fix my front end alignment I was veryWith the service