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Harrisonburg, VA

3228 North Valley Pike (RT11)
Harrisonburg, VA 22802

    (540) 442-7444


Rice Tire in Harrisonburg

Rice Tire in Harrisonburg is nestled in the heart of the serene and breathtaking Shenandoah Valley and is considered to be the premier tire shop in the area.

The area offers visitors a rich historical and cultural experience, a plethora of ethnic dining options and an abundance of outdoor activities.

A staple in the Shenandoah Valley since 1779 and home to many of Virginia’s finest dining establishments, it is known for its local hot spots. With a variety of bars and restaurants that offer delicious farm-to-table food and drinks along with an exciting nightlife many Harrisonburg restaurants are locally owned. Menus filled with items sourced from local food suppliers help the city earn its well-deserved top Dining Destination accolades on Trip Advisor.

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The Bowl of Good which offers globally inspired dishes and places a priority on using local fresh and all-natural ingredients is sure to serve up a meal that is both good and good for you.

While nothing says down to earth like Harrisonburg’s unique Little Grill Collective. Worker owned and operated the kitchen at Little Grill is always preparing something delicious. From their local Mexi-night to their iconic Sunday brunch, this place will make you feel right at home.

A quick drive around town and you’ll see a growing number of food trucks. Many are mobile versions of Harrisonburg’s long-time eateries like Grilled Cheese Mania. If you’re looking for the mom’s kitchen comfort food fix, grab a quick bite here and you’ll get that home-cooked flavor in spades.

As the first Arts and Culture District in Virginia Harrisonburg is home to many restaurants and nightlife spots that put an emphasis not only on local foods but also local art. No other Harrisonburg restaurant combines music, art, and cuisine quite like Clementine café. The restaurant’s vibrantly painted stage is home to an impressive lineup of local regional and national musicians while the art that adorns the walls is rotated frequently to keep things fresh.

All these fantastic ingredients have to come from somewhere right? Well most Saturday’s year-round as well as on Tuesdays between April and Thanksgiving at the downtown farmer’s market is alive with activity bringing the residents of Harrisonburg the same top shelf produce and products that most local restaurants use.

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If you’re looking for a place to grab a drink and hit the town check out the numerous bars throughout Harrisonburg. Many of which features live music by some of the valley’s favorite local musicians. Harrisonburg has also become a popular stop for many craft breweries to showcase new batches and brews; one of which calls Harrisonburg home is The Brothers Craft Brewing Company. Founded by local brothers Adam, Jason, and Tyler who had an unmistakable taste for beer since their first batch hit local restaurants in late 2012 the three brothers have made a big splash in the Harrisonburg community.

As with all things culinary, no meal can be complete without dessert and Harrisonburg brings you one of best experiences in the state.Kline’s Dairy Bar serving the valley since 1943 has raised the art of slow churned custard style homemade ice cream to a level not easily attained.

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With a cult-like following that has people driving hundreds of miles to sample it’s fresh made unique-to-the-week flavors, this is stop that cannot be missed.

It’s the pride and passion of the locals like this that make this town so great and the one of the many reasons Rice Tire calls Harrisonburg home. Just a couple of miles North of JMU and at 3228 North Valley Pike (Route 11) is where you’ll find out shop and the amazing people and technicians that serve the area. (see Google turn-by-turn directions below).

We’re open Monday through Friday from 7:30AM to 5PM, closed on weekends and can be reached at (540) 442-7444. We are the premier Tire Shop in the area and offer everything from tires to full-service auto maintenance like:

  • Tire Shops
  • Mechanic
  • Car Repair and Maintenance
  • Auto Repair Shop
  • Truck Repair Shop
  • Brake shop
  • Oil Change Service
  • Vehicle Inspection
  • Wheel Alignment Service

Rice Tires is devoted to providing our customers with the best place to buy tires by making the buying experience the best it can possibly be no matter which of our 10 stores you visit. Come by today.

We look forward to serving you and thanks for checking in.

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Jessica Tisdale
Jessica T.
22:51 02 Mar 20
Great Accurate Service
Warren Imes
Warren I.
20:28 07 Feb 20
prtrfriendly and quality service definitely recommended
Melissia Stanley
Melissia S.
19:45 02 Jan 20
Definitely recommend Rice!!! Always willing to help, good prices and you can trust them to take care of your vehicle!!!
Alexander Escarzaga
Alexander E.
19:34 20 Nov 19
Great service at a reasonable price.
Greg Sanders
Greg S.
21:21 26 Oct 19
good tires for right prices, never had a problem
Lien Law Maven
Lien Law M.
04:51 22 Oct 19
These guys know rubber. Professional staff in the front store. Professional technicians in the shop. Saw their road service vehicle on the Interstate working an 18 wheeler....good job.Came in on a flatbed with a 31 year old Bentley that had 16 year old tires (1 blown) and wheel locks but no key. Rolled back on the road with a new round of rubber 2 hours later.They do the difficult stuff right away.....the impossible stuff may take a little bit longer. Thanks, guys!
Gary Whitmer
Gary W.
19:42 04 Sep 19
They do all my car and truck work. Have for years
Steve Lohr
Steve L.
22:51 29 Aug 19
With just 2 hours left in the business day they went and picked up the tire I needed, and had me up and going before closing.
jason hedrick
jason H.
12:41 21 Aug 19
Fast and orderly service
Norbert Jedamski
Norbert J.
22:21 14 Aug 19
Very quick service when I had an emergency
Michelle Veglia
Michelle V.
14:28 10 May 19
Fit me in for the next day! Great pricing and not pushy with recommended services and replacements. Thanks for the honest feedback, Tony!
Alicia Harlow
Alicia H.
14:59 08 Apr 19
Helpful and friendly. Great service.
Bobby Reedy
Bobby R.
14:25 06 Mar 19
They have great services are on the pricey side but they do great work so its worth it they do use parts you buy they only use 5he ones they buy so they can warranty the parts for 1 year! Thats the only part that stinks!
Travis King
Travis K.
03:44 29 Dec 18
Thanks to MANUEL of Rice Tire, I was able to get a tire blowout repaired and back on the road as EFFICIENTLY and EXPEDITIOUSLY as was possible.
bryan funk
bryan F.
19:54 21 Dec 18
My appointment was for 1pm today, they had me in and did my alignment and shocks in just under 2 hours, the staff was friendly and helpful with any questions I had.
Tony Niemetz
Tony N.
15:45 08 Nov 18
The guys in the Forrestville location have been great to me. They are one of the few places that will even work on my truck and they always do a fantastic job and do it quickly. These are MY tire guys.