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Verified Consumer Ratings Fuel the Third Annual CARFAX Top-Rated Service Centers


Our Rice Tire Store in Gaithersburg MD, (as well as  Cumberland MD and Brandy Station VA) are being recognized in the third annual CARFAX Top-Rated Service Center Program.  Rice Tire Cumberland received a 4.9  out of possible five stars based on verified reviews from CARFAX Car Care members.

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Verified Consumer Ratings Fuel the Third Annual CARFAX Top-Rated Service Centers


Our Rice Tire Store in Gaithersburg MD, (as well as  Cumberland MD and Brandy Station VA) are being recognized in the third annual CARFAX Top-Rated Service Center Program.  Rice Tire Cumberland received a 4.9  out of possible five stars based on verified reviews from CARFAX Car Care members.

“We are constantly striving to make it easier for car owners to feel confident about servicing their vehicles,” said Mike Liou, Head of Service Marketing at CARFAX. “We have 24 million active Car Care members, and that number is growing. These members are actively trying to take better care of their vehicles by using our maintenance and recall alerts. We used direct feedback from these verified customers to put together this list of the best of the best.”


“We work incredibly hard to provide not only the best automotive service but also the best customer service possible.  By including our customers in the conversation, we gain valuable feedback and learn how to improve.  We’ve been servicing Maryland, Virginia, and the Washington DC Metro and beltway areas for over 60 years and our customers is what keeps us growing.  In fact, we just added another store in Ashland, VA.  Come check us out.”    ~ Kate Speelman, Marketing Manager Rice Tire


The 2021 CARFAX Top-Rated Service Centers received an average of 4.8 stars out of a possible five stars.



CARFAX, part of S&P Global Mobility, helps millions of people every day confidently shop, buy, service and sell used cars with innovative solutions powered by CARFAX vehicle history information. The expert in vehicle history since 1984, CARFAX provides exclusive services like CARFAX Used Car ListingsCARFAX Car CareCARFAX History-Based Value and the flagship CARFAX® Vehicle History Report™ to consumers and the automotive industry. CARFAX owns the world’s largest vehicle history database and is nationally recognized as a top workplace by The Washington Post and Shop, Buy, Service, Sell – Show me the CARFAX™.


S&P Global Mobility is a division of S&P Global (NYSE: SPGI). S&P Global is the world’s foremost provider of credit ratings, benchmarks, analytics and workflow solutions in the global capital, commodity and automotive markets.

Rice Tire Brandy Station Wins the Carfax Top Rated Service Badge

Discovering Gaithersburg: A Journey Through History and Family-Friendly Adventures

Nestled in Maryland, Gaithersburg is more than just a city; it’s a living testament to history and a treasure trove of family-friendly experiences. As we unravel the layers of Gaithersburg’s past, we’ll also explore the vibrant activities and attractions that make it an ideal destination for families. Join us on this journey through time and community, discovering the essence of Gaithersburg, where Rice Tire stands proudly at 8309 Snouffer School Road.

Unearthing the Past: Gaithersburg’s Historical Evolution

Colonial Roots and Early Settlement

Gaithersburg’s history dates back to the 18th century when it was a small agricultural settlement known as Log Town. The city’s colonial roots are reflected in its early structures and the legacy of its founding families, who shaped its initial character.

Railroad Expansion and Industrial Growth

The arrival of the railroad in the 19th century transformed Gaithersburg into a hub for trade and commerce. The city’s strategic location contributed to its industrial growth, attracting businesses and residents seeking new opportunities.

Incorporation and Urban Development

Gaithersburg officially incorporated as a town in 1878, solidifying its status as a key urban center. The early 20th century witnessed urban development, with the city evolving from a small town into a thriving community.

Cultural Heritage and Landmarks

Preserving its cultural heritage, Gaithersburg is home to several landmarks that narrate its story. The Gaithersburg Latitude Observatory, listed on the National Register of Historic Places, stands as a testament to the city’s scientific contributions and cultural significance.

Family-Friendly Adventures in Gaithersburg

As we delve into Gaithersburg’s past, let’s also explore the myriad activities that make it a haven for families. From outdoor escapades to cultural experiences, there’s something for everyone in this vibrant city.

1. Bohrer Park: Outdoor Oasis for Families

Bohrer Park, spanning 57 acres, offers a plethora of family-friendly activities. With playgrounds, picnic areas, and a water park, it’s a haven for families seeking outdoor adventures and quality time together.

2. Gaithersburg Community Museum

Immerse yourself in Gaithersburg’s history at the Gaithersburg Community Museum. The museum showcases the city’s evolution through interactive exhibits, artifacts, and engaging displays—a perfect blend of education and entertainment for the whole family.

3. Lakeforest Mall: Shopping and Entertainment

For families who enjoy shopping and entertainment, Lakeforest Mall is a bustling destination. Explore a variety of shops, catch a movie, or indulge in delicious treats at the food court—an ideal spot for a family day out.

4. Old Town Gaithersburg: Charming Streets and Events

Old Town Gaithersburg exudes charm with its historic architecture, local shops, and vibrant events. Stroll through the charming streets, attend festivals, and explore the unique boutiques—a delightful experience for families seeking a taste of local culture.

5. Miniature Golf at Bohrer Park

Engage in friendly competition with a round of miniature golf at Bohrer Park’s mini-golf course. It’s a fantastic way for families to enjoy a day outdoors while showcasing their putting skills.

6. Gaithersburg Upcounty Farmers Market

For a taste of local flavors, visit the Gaithersburg Upcounty Farmers Market. Families can explore fresh produce, artisanal goods, and enjoy a sense of community while supporting local vendors.

7. Seneca Creek State Park: Nature and Recreation

Nature enthusiasts will find bliss at Seneca Creek State Park. With hiking trails, fishing opportunities, and serene landscapes, it’s an ideal spot for families to reconnect with nature and create lasting memories.

Rice Tire: A Pillar in Gaithersburg’s Automotive Landscape

Amidst the family-friendly adventures that Gaithersburg offers stands Rice Tire at 8309 Snouffer School Road. Established to serve the community’s automotive needs, Rice Tire has witnessed Gaithersburg’s growth and transformation, evolving alongside the city it proudly calls home.

Rice Tire’s Gaithersburg Journey

Founded in 1956, Rice Tire has played a crucial role in Gaithersburg’s automotive landscape. As the city expanded, so did Rice Tire, adapting to technological advancements while maintaining a commitment to top-notch service.

Community Engagement and Support

Rice Tire is not just a business in Gaithersburg; it’s a part of the community. Actively engaged in supporting local events and initiatives, Rice Tire understands the importance of contributing to the city’s well-being beyond its role as an automotive service provider.

Safety and Convenience for Gaithersburg Families

Safety is paramount at Rice Tire. Located conveniently at 8309 Snouffer School Road, the center prioritizes the well-being of Gaithersburg families, offering reliable and efficient automotive services to keep them on the road safely.

Customer Testimonials: Gaithersburg’s Trust in Rice Tire

The walls of Rice Tire echo with stories of satisfied customers from Gaithersburg. These testimonials reflect the trust and confidence that the community places in Rice Tire—a testament to the company’s dedication to customer satisfaction.



  1. Can I schedule a service appointment at Rice Tire in Gaithersburg?
    • Yes, just give us a call at 301-330-8473 to schedule service appointment.
  2. How is Rice Tire involved in supporting Gaithersburg’s local community?
    • Rice Tire actively participates in and supports various local community events and initiatives, contributing to Gaithersburg’s well-being.
  3. Are there any historical artifacts related to Gaithersburg at Rice Tire?
    • While not a museum, Rice Tire has been serving the greater area since 1956 so we may have some historical artifacts related to Gaithersburg’s automotive history. Inquire with the staff they may be able to help.
  4. Can I get an online quote?
    • Of course, just click on the Tire Search Tool on our home, input your vehicle and tire information, and we’ll email you a quote right away.
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Here I wasn't a customer. Here I'm family
Response from the owner: Thanks so much Jeremy!
Good service with helpful, knowledgeable staff that actually answer questions.
Response from the owner: Thanks so much Jerry!
I had a tire rotation done at Rice Tire. They completed the service quickly, which was appreciated. However, I noticed that the tire pressure wasn't adjusted during the rotation. Since front and rear tires typically require different pressures, it would have been helpful if they had checked and adjusted them accordingly.
Response from the owner: Thank you for the information, we will address this with our techs. We do appreciate your business.
Tony, the service manager, was awesome. No wonder why the reviews are all great. Brought my car in to get a tire patched, they found the issue and had me on my way in under 20min. Everyone was cool and very respectful.
Response from the owner: Thank you so much for your review Jack!
Just came back from doing oil and filter change and I couldn’t be more pleased.The people seem to know exactly what they are doing, super nice and the place is immaculate.Prices were more than fair and no one tried to upsell me on anything whatsoever.From what I can tell the job was done well, too, but I’ll update when I need more work done.I will be back!
Response from the owner: Yana - Thank so much for taking the time to leave us this review! We appreciate your business!
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