Honfleur Gallery Washington

Honfleur Gallery Washington 


The Honfleur Gallery in Washington, DC is a popular art destination for those seeking socially-charged thematic art. Its two floors offer 1,700 square feet of exhibition space. The gallery has an eclectic mix of art from living artists and is an ideal place to catch a local artist’s latest exhibition. It also puts on small concerts and hosts artist talks. To top it all off, the Honfleur Gallery is located in a historic district that receives a substantial tax break. It is located at 1241 Good Hope Rd SE, Washington, DC 20020.

The gallery’s location is prime for visitors, as the historic Anacostia neighborhood is home to many of Washington’s most famous and exciting art venues. The gallery’s diverse collection and rigorous schedule of exhibitions highlight cutting-edge contemporary art. Experimentation with media and installation works are welcome at the gallery, as well as diverse and interdisciplinary projects. In addition to exhibiting thematic exhibitions, Honfleur also presents group shows, international residencies, and artist collaborations.

In addition to presenting works by emerging artists, the gallery also hosts international artists. Its Washington-based artists include those from Europe and the United States. The gallery is also a co-op art space and includes a 1,400 square foot exhibition space and a 500 square foot gallery above the exhibition space. Artists are able to rent affordable work spaces, as well as enjoy one-on-one instruction.  More

The exhibition “Down to Earth” features the work of several artists, including Judith HeartSong, an arts educator and muralist. HeartSong’s works are featured in numerous public collections. Another artist at Honfleur is Missy Loewe, Executive Director of the Washington School of Photography. While this is not a comprehensive list, it does include a few notable artists. The exhibition is supported by the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities, the Greater Washington Community Foundation, Office of Cable Television, and the Max & Victoria Dreyfus Foundation.

Outsider Art is another popular type of art featured at Honfleur Gallery Washington DC. In this exhibit, you’ll find pieces by self-taught artists, famous figures, and other creative people. The exhibitions at the Honfleur Gallery are sure to stimulate your senses and make you think anew. If you love art, you’ll definitely enjoy an exhibit at Honfleur Gallery Washington DC.

The exhibition will also feature a wide variety of artists from across the country. Some artists you may recognize are Tammi Campbell, who grew up in New York City, as well as Sean Noyce, a former NYU professor. Another artist who lives in Washington is Jennifer Mawby, who has a residency at the museum. She has been living in the District for 20 years, and her work is a testament to the city’s cultural democracy and the importance of art for all.

If you want to view a large-scale piece of art, DC! is a great place to start. Featuring two-dimensional mosaics and a neon-like installation, it stands nearly eleven feet high. The artist was inspired by the experimental methodology of John Cage in the 1950’s. Neon tubes were randomly selected and placed onto a five-foot-square steel tube. The result is a colorful light sculpture.

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