Graffiti House

Graffiti House

The Graffiti House, situated at 19484 Brandy Road in the eastern end of the town of Brandy Station, Virginia, is thought by the Brandy Station Foundation to have been integrated in 1858. It is one of few houses in the village built prior to the American Civil War to survive undamaged to now. Your home is noteworthy as a result of the Civil War era graffiti on most of the walls. The graffiti located consists of names, drawings, names of systems, and inscriptions left by soldiers.

Due to its area on the Orange & Alexandria Railroad and also the Carolina Road, your home, which was less than 0.25 miles (0.40 km) from the train depot, is assumed by the Foundation to have actually been a business structure in addition to a dwelling. The Foundation records that some graffiti has actually been eliminated or damaged but substantial graffiti still continue to be. New graffiti were uncovered as recently as December 2010.

The house was had by James Barbour (brother of the railroad’s head of state John S. Barbour Jr.) throughout the Civil War yet the Barbour family members’s main residence got on a ridge concerning 1.5 miles (2.4 kilometres) to the south (and also throughout the battle was used by Confederate General J.E.B. Stuart). Barbour offered on the personnel of Lieutenant General Richard S. Ewell up until January 1863

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Due to its tactical place near the railroad, this home was used extensively by both the Union Army and also Confederate States Army throughout the Civil War. Confederates used it as a field hospital during the Battle of Brandy Station as well as at other times when fights occurred in the area. It was most likely used as a field hospital for wounded soldiers evacuated by train after the Battle of First Bull Run or First Manassas. The earliest well-known graffiti in your house day to the Second Manassas Campaign in August 1862, as the militaries transited Culpeper County.

First of the Gettysburg Campaign, the Battle of Brandy Station, the largest cavalry fight ever before to occur in North America happened on June 9, 1863, in the fields adjacent to the Graffiti House as well as extended to the elevations on which the main house stood. After the fighting ended, the reduced residence was used as a Confederate field hospital. Later on that year, Federal soldiers inhabited the building when the Army of the Potomac camped in Culpeper County during the winter of 1863– 64. The house was headquarters to Brigadier General Henry Prince, a department leader in the Third Corps of the Army of the Potomac throughout the Union Army quest of the Army of Northern Virginia after its resort from the Battle of Gettysburg, sometimes called the Rapidan project but this name could be puzzled with the start of the Overland Campaign, and also throughout the Mine Run Campaign later in 1863.

The plaster wall surfaces on the house’s 2nd floor are covered with an impressive as well as distinct collection of charcoal and also pencil graffiti left by soldiers from both militaries. In addition to their autographs, the soldiers attracted sophisticated photos of men and women, and wrote inscriptions honoring their units as well as their fights. After the battle, brand-new paint and wallpaper led to their being neglected. The graffiti were rediscovered throughout a restoration in 1993. The Brandy Station Foundation acquired your home in 2002, and its website provides the days it is open for seeing. The house consists of a tiny gallery and serves as a headquarters for the Brandy Station Foundation and also the Foundation’s site visitor facility for the Brandy Station battlefield.

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