Exploring Durability of Commercial Tires

Exploring Durability of Commercial Tires


The durability of commercial tires is critical to the success of any commercial venture. Rice Tire has taken this aspect of tire production seriously, providing a range of tread patterns to enhance customer satisfaction and product longevity.


Rice Tire’s commercial tires are designed with long lasting performance in mind. Their unique tread patterns allow for better traction on wet or dry surfaces, as well as increased stability and efficiency on various terrains. The company also provides additional features like wear resistant treads and steel belts that enhance the overall quality and durability of the tire itself.


By testing different tread patterns and tracking tread depths, Rice Tire ensures their products meet their customer’s expectations while maximizing performance and protection over the life of the tire.


Tracking tread depth to enhance safety is just one of the many elements of ensuring safety on the road.  It means more than just getting your vehicles serviced regularly; it also includes tracking tread depth on all tires. Rice Tire Fleet Services commercial tires, and any other type of tire must be routinely checked for wear and tear to help enhance safety measures. Tread depth is a critical factor in keeping drivers safe and reducing the number of accidents related to tire issues.


The tread depth of a tire is measured by its grooves, which provide traction while driving in wet or snowy conditions. The deeper the grooves are, the better they will grip the road surface and reduce hydroplaning. As tires age, their tread depths can diminish over time; as this happens, they become less effective at providing traction when needed most. It’s important to have your vehicle’s tires inspected every 3 months or so to ensure that your tread depths remain healthy.