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Hopes for one day powering commercial airplanes with electricity instead of fossil fuels took a big leap forward this week when a Cessna commuter propellor plane modified to run on electricity successfully completed a 30-minute […]
Nearly half of the US is on at least one prescription, but the coronavirus pandemic has thrown people for a loop and made picking up medications another in a long list of daily hurdles. Nuro is hoping […]
Uber will offer rides by the hour in some U.S. cities, a feature aimed at helping Americans with essential trips during the coronavirus pandemic. The option, which is already available in a handful of cities […]
Driving for Uber and Lyft is usually pretty mundane. You don’t get crazy passengers all that often — thankfully — because crazy passengers come with a lot of baggage. Sure, they give you good stories […]
As cities slowly emerge from the stay-at-home orders and shutdowns forced by the COVID-19 pandemic, city planners are looking for novel solutions to help kickstart their economies. Even when reopened, many restaurants and stores will […]
Flying Around the World You’ve designed an incredibly advanced aircraft, a true marvel of aeronautics, the X-100. You want to fly all the way around the world in it without stopping. The only problem is […]
With the New York International Auto Show announcing its postponement until late summer, electric vehicle startup Lucid will similarly delay its planned introduction of the Air luxury sedan. The show was originally planned to open […]
Fabrizio and Giorgetto Giugiaro, the father-son duo who paired up to create automotive company GFG Style, have been swept up in the wave of the times and gone all-in on electric. In the past four […]