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Hyundai tore the wraps off of the updated 2021 Santa Fe crossover SUV in early June. But, that was the global model. Thanks to the sharp sights of a MotorTrend reader, though, we’re finally able […]
Cars with Pilot Tseno on YouTube Since the Porsche Taycan Turbo S came out, people have wanted one answer. Magazines, websites, and anxious customers have tried to figure out whether it’s truly quicker than the […]
Blasters in Texas load and tamp a dynamite charge for a “snake-hole” blast in the 1950s.Three LionsGetty Images The box, stored in the back room among the unclaimed freight, appeared to be leaking. Haven and […]
If you’re into motorcycles but also want to help save the planet from climate change, the Harley-Davidson LiveWire electric bike makes a strong, if expensive case for itself. If you have the means and also […]
On March 16, 2020, the World of Speed Museum in Wilsonville, Oregon, temporarily closed as coronavirus-related stay-at-home orders from local and federal governments were set into motion. Unfortunately, the “temporarily” qualifier has now been removed. […]
As states began locking down to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus, RV tourism companies took the same punishment as the rest of the travel industry, only rescuing a bit of business by renting […]
Tesla is returning to production at its factories in California and Nevada, and reports say it’s offering unpaid leave to production workers who are leery of returning to work out of fear over being exposed […]
It’s an automaker’s job to keep tabs on deep, global trends that could contribute new features or technology to future product, and what deeper, more global trend could there be than the coronavirus? An article […]
Jaguar-Land Rover’s SVR division has only put its name on high-horsepower gasoline-burning cars, like the XE Project 8 built in strictly limited numbers. It’s open to the idea of tuning electrified models, whether they’re electric […]