Author: Rice Tire

As states began locking down to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus, RV tourism companies took the same punishment as the rest of the travel industry, only rescuing a bit of business by renting […]
On June 21, 2016 Honda applied with to U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to trademark the terms “Hydronaut” and “Hydrogenaut.” Assuming success, both terms were to be applied to an endeavor “Providing technological and scientific […]
Bugatti hasn’t raced since the middle of the 1990s when Romano Artioli, its former owner, built an EB110 for the IMSA GT series and converted a second example to Le Mans specifications. The company is […]
A week ago, LA-based Czinger teased its 21C hypercar with a video and a promise of “dominating performance.” Now that all the specs are out before the coupe’s reveal at the Geneva Motor Show, on […]
Having commenced production at the Bowling Green Assembly Plant at the beginning of February, the 2020 C8 Chevrolet Corvette was only going to get seven months of production out of its first year before the […]
For its latest coronavirus act, Ford has joined forces with a Detroit university, its affiliated physicians group and an Arab-American human services nonprofit to launch a mobile Covid-19 testing program for symptomatic first responders, health […]
Audi Club North America, BMW Car Club of America, and Mercedes-Benz Club of America together host the Legends of the Autobahn even during Monterey Car Week. Eight days ago, the organizers announced they were canceling […]
Pilot Bryan Keith got a rare glimpse of long-term airplane storage in Victorville, California. This service airport offers storage and boneyard access that has increased rapidly during COVID-19 (coronavirus). Air traffic control estimated the airport […]
Uber will begin shipping disinfecting car spray to selected drivers in areas most affected by the coronavirus outbreak, an executive said on Thursday. The company promised to supply drivers with sanitizers in early March. Then […]
Recent video shot by Out of Spec Motoring in a Tesla Model 3 showed the sedan automatically stopping for traffic lights at intersections. The software enabling the electric compact to recognize stop lights and stop […]