Toyota C-HR GR Sport Debuts as a Sporty Appearance Pack for Europe

Earlier this year, our European friends saw the new Corolla GR Sport, hoping a bit of the full-bore GR performance models’ mojo will rub off on what amounts to a tasteful appearance package. Now the C-HR GR Sport joins the party. Like its Corolla GR Sport stablemate, it brings sharper looks and a sporty demeanor on top of its unaltered powertrain.

As with many sporty or special editions these days, the C-HR GR Sport utilizes lots of black accents. The Toyota badge on the front gets a black background, the headlight housings are darkened, the center of the bumper and the fog light bezels are black, and the grille is rendered in a “dark chrome” finish. In profile, black door inserts set off the unique 19-inch alloy wheels, and similar black effects are found on the rear—reflector surrounds, the lower bumper detailing, and so forth. A “GR SPORT” logo appears on the rear, and more logos on the interior set off the red and grey stitching accents. The GR Sport can be had with either cloth or alcantara/leather seating.

Toyota says the steering and suspension have been recalibrated slightly for a sportier feel, but the changes aren’t detailed or quantified. We should note this doesn’t appear to be the same package that Japan got for the 2020 model year (pictured below below), which was also called the C-HR GR Sport, but got a different front fascia, additional chassis bracing, and recalibrated suspension.

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