Watch Ken Block’s 14-Year-Old Daughter Drift a Fox Body Ford Mustang

Learning to drive may be the biggest rite of passage for any young person, but it’s looking especially memorable for Ken Block’s daughter Lia. After receiving a drop-top Fox Body Mustang for her 14th birthday, she was brought by her father to Utah Motorsports Campus for a day of drifting in the ‘Stang.

Earlier this year, Lia Block made donuts look easy in a 355-hp Gymkhana Ford Escort, and that was less than a week after she learned to drive stick. So, this latest adventure must have seemed like a relative walk in the park for the teenager. Because it’s sometimes hard to learn from your parent, Block enlisted Formula Drift Champion Vaughn Gittin Jr. to ride shotgun and show her the tricks of the trade.

In the middle of the lesson, a coolant leak threatened to ruin the fun. But after drilling a few holes in the Mustang’s bumper, Lia was back on course and drifting like a pro. Unfortunately, but perhaps predictably, the day wouldn’t end without a few other parts of the car falling apart. But as Vaughn Gittin Jr. says, it’s just another day of real-life drifting. And an extraordinary day of driving instruction sure to make other teenagers very, very jealous.



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Watch her MAD driving skills here.