Nuro autonomous vehicle to deliver prescriptions for CVS

Nearly half of the US is on at least one prescription, but the coronavirus pandemic has thrown people for a loop and made picking up medications another in a long list of daily hurdles. Nuro is hoping to make getting prescriptions easier by teaming up with CVS. The company will use its fleet of autonomous vehicles to deliver meds to the curbs of customers who place orders via or the CVS pharmacy app. The pilot program will start in June and will serve areas in Houston, Texas.

This service will be free to all CVS Pharmacy customers, and Nuro says that deliveries should take three hours or less. The prescriptions will be safely locked inside the delivery vehicles until the customer proves their identity. The pilot does seem limited, since it’s serving such a small area, but hopefully it will expand to other cities if it’s successful. The company says that it plans to eventually transition from its Toyota Prius fleet to its custom R2 delivery bots in the coming months.

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