Fisker Automotive’s battery-electric Ocean crossover is a year away, with production scheduled for 2021. It’s silly to think we won’t hear any more about the Ocean until then, though. Eponymous honcho Henrik Fisker hit up Twitter to tease two versions of a much meatier Ocean. Both designs sit on gratuitously broad, knobby tires that require a widebody treatment in order to fit entirely under the crossover. On one design, the only other change is a spare tire placed in the roof rack. On the second version, the roof rack is empty, but the tailgate carries a shovel and contains a small door labeled “Charging Box.” In the tweets, Fisker writes he’s “found an amazing space for the spare tire, that could only be done with an EV!! Not the roof, in sketch! Will reveal next week.”

Fisker tagged the tweets with “adventure” and “Extreme Rescues,” indications of the individual, NGO, and military aspirations for the model. He told Top Gear magazine, “The low center of gravity and wide track brings added stability and makes the Fisker Ocean a perfect clean sustainable utility vehicle, that can be used by international organisations, which needs to deploy rescue vehicles in rural areas, it can also be used as a zero emission military version to transport military personnel, as oil is one of the largest expenses for the military.”

Back to the mystery of spare tire placement, the CEO wrote that the space is not in the cargo area nor in the frunk. This doesn’t leave many EV-specific options, especially since it’s crucial to keep spare tires where they can be easily extracted when off-road, but we’ll wait for the big reveal for the answer.

Should the Ocean off-roader get its debut next year, it will enter a segment that’s picking up more competitors by the month, both EV and internal combustion. If Fisker can launch his standard Ocean for $37,000, and price the adventure Ocean not far off that, he’ll at least have a clear value victory over other makers like Rivian, Bollinger, and the premium pricing we expect for a 1,000-horsepower Hummer EV.

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