2021 Honda Insight gets new paint color and blind-spot warning system

Pricing for the 2021 Honda Insight has been announced, with the base LX holding firm at $23,885, including the $955 destination charge.

Base feature content remains the same, but the EX and Touring see a switch in blind-spot monitoring technology. Now standard is a traditional blind-spot and rear cross-traffic warning system that illuminates lights in each mirror when a car is detected in the blind-spot and, if so, makes an alert noise if the driver activates the turn signal. This replaces the LaneWatch camera-based system that would show you an image of the passenger-side blind spot in the center touchscreen when the driver activated the turn signal. While this may seem like the more advanced technology, it didn’t cover the driver side and would hijack the center touchscreen whenever the right turn signal was activated. This becomes annoying, for instance, when waiting to turn right at an intersection.  

The price of this improvement is effectively $500 as more the EX and Touring prices have gone up by that amount. The EX is now $25,765, and the Touring is $29,795.

2021 Honda Insight gets new paint color and blind-spot warning system 2 Rice Tire

There’s also a new paint color this year: Radiant Red Metallic. That color is pictured at the top of the post, and we dig it. The red that’s currently offered is called Crimson Pearl, and it’s a deeper and darker red than this bright metallic color. Beyond that, everything is business as usual for the Honda hybrid. Fuel economy numbers remain the same, coming in at 52 mpg combined for the LX and EX, and 48 mpg combined for the Touring.

Honda says the 2021 Insight will be arriving in dealerships tomorrow, but we don’t imagine they’ll be flying off lots anytime soon. With coronavirus shutting things down across the nation, car sales are expected to take a big dip.

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