Rice Tire Minute Men say “Give me Liberty and Give me Tires”!

Okay, okay, okay… maybe the Culpeper Minutemen didn’t say exactly that but the spirit of the original Minute Men sure inspire our super speedy technicians to move your vehicle through our service bays a quickly as possible.     

Rice Tire Culpeper

With history dating as far back at 1649 when then King Charles II granted over 5.2 million acres of land to several English nobles including John Lord Culpeper, it’s no wonder this area has so many stories to tell over its centuries of time passed.

A strategic foothold in the Piedmont’s for the much-heralded Culpeper Minutemen and many an army to come, Culpeper played a key role in the shaping of the America to come.  It was in these meadows and court house steps where in 1765 and several years to come 16-20 brave souls and members of the County Court of Culpeper rose up and pledged themselves to defend their rights with their “lives and fortunes” from the tyranny of England’s Stamp Act.

It’s exactly this grit and determination that has made Culpeper one of the Nation’s best place to call  home and why we at Rice Tire are proud to be part of the fabric of this community.

The Culpeper Chamber of Commerce says that the city marries Rich History with Modern Charm and we couldn’t agree more!  The food alone is worth the visit.  No matter what your pallet and appetite craves,  there’s a flavor to suit your needs.  Check out The 4C’s for South American and Peruvian tastes or if BBQ is on your mind Burnt Ends BBQ is the best in town.  For a traditional and different twist Calhoun’s World-Renowned Country Hams dry aged to perfection are treat beyond compare.    If your thirst however over rules your hunger, check out DuCard Vineyards or Beer Hound Brewery we’re pretty sure you’ll find something to satisfy with these two local favorites.

With all the great places to eat in town, you’ll need to work up an appetite to truly enjoy them and Culpeper is THE place to do that.  With mountain biking trails everywhere that cut through places like Cedar Mountain Battlefield , or horse riding trails found at Andora Farms, museums, concerts, shopping, flying circuses, or just walking around Historic Fishtown and more, Culpeper has something to do for just about everyone.


Rice Tire at Fishtown and Wharf

Rice Tire made Culpeper one of its many homes because of the incredible people and wonderful hometown feeling.  Apparently, the feeling was mutual because both Culpeper Times and Culpeper Star-Exponent named Rice Tire as The Best Place to Buy tires in Culpeper.  We thank them and we thank you.

Our store, located at 15290 Rosson Troilo Circle is just down the road in Brandy Station VA 22714 and a stone’s throw from the Graffiti House.  We can be reached at (540) 825-3722 and offer everything from tires to full service auto maintenance like oil changes, wheel alignment, and brake service.

Rice Tires is devoted to providing our customers with the best tire buying experience possible no matter which of our 10 stores you visit.  Come by today, we’re open 7:30 to 5 Monday through Friday and 7:30-12 on Saturday.

See you soon.

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