How To Identify Uneven Tire Wear With Rice Tire

Good morning, we’re at in Manassa today with Jason and I just want to show you an example of some irregular tire wear. Here you’ll see the inside wear compared to the outside wear and you want to give you some brief instruction on how to identify some of the issues that can cause this.

One of the things that can cause something like that is in this particular instance is a bent tie rod tube. It’s a little bit more like a boomerang than it is like that a nice straight tube like the example of the one we’re going put in when we’re all done. To go along with the work we found is that we had some worn bushings in the kingpins. You can see a little bit of the rust on the kingpin right here where the moisture got in. A little bit of lubrication will extend the life of the part but, it will eventually need to be replaced as well as it’s a “wear part”. While doing this, we also the seals.  All of that is what causes wear like this.

Over here Jason’s getting it all put back together, you see we have the cap back on the pin and bearing down underneath. We’re getting the studs cleaned up because we have an example of a little bit of “Never Sieze” that was used. That’s a no-no, there’s no need for something like that but that’s what we’re here for to get that fixed up. Thank you to Jason for the great work and appreciate the help making this video.

That’s just an example of the great work we’re doing here at Rice Tire in Manassas.

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